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Through 16 crops of organically produced rice in Tan Binh Agricultural Cooperative

In recent years, many farmers in Dong Thap have changed their thinking from traditional rice production to organic production to facilitate output.

Having passed 16 rice crops, Tan Binh Agricultural Cooperative, Thanh Binh district (Dong Thap) is very excited to practice organic rice farming. This model is bringing optimism to the rice industry of Dong Thap.

Around the beginning of 2017, it was noticed that the rice export market faced many difficulties, while the consumer demand of the domestic market was getting higher and higher for the use of safe rice. Mr. Phan Cong Chinh, Director of Tan Binh Agricultural Cooperative, Thanh Binh district began to hatch the idea of ​​​​growing organic rice to serve the domestic market. Initially, Mr. Chinh planted a trial on an area of ​​1ha of his home field with the rice variety Nang Hoa 9. Due to his lack of experience, the rice field was attacked by many pests, so in the first crop, Mr. Chinh only obtained 3 tons of rice/ha. These three tons of rice were milled by Mr. Chinh and donated to friends to market the new product.

Mr. Chinh said: From normal rice production to “organic rice farming” is a process that requires you to be really enthusiastic and believe in yourself to be successful. You must have faith to be able to overcome your own limitations and barriers. If you have organic production, you must ignore the production-heavy mindset. In addition to enthusiasm, it is also necessary to have credibility and honesty with customers.

Currently, Mr. Chinh has deployed the members of the cooperative to grow rice in an organic way. His efforts and determination have been recognized by consumers and supported by local authorities. Since the winter-spring rice crop 2018-2019, with the support of the locality and Dong Thap Department of Science and Technology, Mr. Chinh has expanded the production model to 20ha and built a methodical production process. guidance and advice from experts. He used biological drugs, green mushrooms, resistance stimulants, planted flowers on the edge of the field to manage pests.

As for Thuan Tien agricultural cooperative in Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district (Dong Thap), rice production under the model of “My home field” is a stepping stone for the cooperative to implement smart rice production models. In which, what the cooperative aims to do is to produce rice according to the organic model, VietGAP meets the needs of domestic consumers and also exports.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Director of Thuan Tien Cooperative, Gao Giong commune, Cao Lanh district said: This is a model of rice production in the direction of safety following a strictly controlled process from planting to harvesting. Specifically, performing mechanical transplanting of 60kg/ha of certified rice varieties combined with intelligent fertilizing, only fertilizes once for the whole crop. Applying alternating watering and drying process, managing water with a smart phone sensor system. Field management by camera system into the rice production process, applying technical solutions with high efficiency.

In addition, the cooperative also manages integrated pests in the field according to the farming process “3 decrease, 3 increase” and “1 must 5 decrease”. In particular, all products of the model are consumed by Dong Thap Food Company, packaged under the brand name “My Farm” to supply for domestic and export markets.

Source: https://nongsanviet.nongnghiep.vn/qua-16-vu-lua-san-xuat-theo-huong-huu-co-o-htx-nong-nghiep-tan-binh-d333061.html

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