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Prominent new generation Thien uu 8 rice variety

In many production areas in Hanoi, farmers said that the new generation of Thien Uu 8 rice fields is very resistant to pests and diseases, and hardly needs to be sprayed with pesticides.

Thin rice grain, high milling rate

In the days of September, the golden autumn sun is like pouring honey into the ripe rice fields in Hong Son commune, My Duc district (Hanoi city).

As the person in charge of the unit directly producing 30ha of new generation Thien uu 8 rice in the locality, Dang Huy Kieu, director of the Agricultural Cooperative in Hong Son commune, said that this new rice variety belongs to the Joint Stock Company. Company. The Vietnam Seed Group (Vinaseed) has many advantages over the old 8th generation Thien Uu variety.

“The new generation Thien uu 8 variety has better cold tolerance, taller and harder plants, very good resistance to pests and diseases, especially cotton-neck blast disease, about 70% higher rice percentage, high quality rice is better. “, Dang Duy Kieu shared.

In particular, the new generation Thien uu 8 variety has a short lifespan, can grow both crops, adapts to many ecological regions, average yield is 7-7.5 tons/ha, intensive cultivation is 8.5. – 9 tons/ha. Good quality rice, clear rice grain, no discoloration, strong rice flavor, high milling rate with more than 70%…

According to Mr. Nguyen Anh Tung, Director of Vinaseed Ha Nam branch, through visiting production areas, most farmers have assessed that the husk of the new generation Thien uu 8 rice variety is thinner than the new generation. in advance, from which the percentage of rice is higher, bringing better value in the rice milling stage.

“The new generation Thien uu 8 rice variety is very popular and sought after by traders, so it is easy for people to sell rice and rice. The quality of rice is also considered to be flexible, suitable for all objects in a family,” shared Nguyen Anh Tung.

In the model of cooperation between businesses and farmers in the direction of mutual benefit, Vinaseed has signed a contract with the locality to commit to providing seeds for farmers as well as arranging regular technical staff. Accompanying localities and cooperatives to provide technical guidance and organize the harvest so that it is most convenient for farmers.

“The most favorable thing for a single-crop field is that synchronous mechanization can be deployed such as applying machine transplants, spraying pesticides with drones, thereby producing homogenous production in the field. whole field. Besides, our company will also be proactive in the source of goods to supply to the people”, said Mr. Nguyen Anh Tung.

After being consulted by Vinaseed and directly visited the new generation Thien Uu 8 field, Mr. Hoang Duc Phuong, Phung Xa commune, My Duc district (Hanoi city) did not hesitate to bring this new rice variety to supply. for farmers to produce in the region. Case 2022.

“Through production, it can be seen that the most outstanding advantage of the new generation Thien Uu 8 variety is high yield, good resistance to pests and diseases. In the last crop, our people hardly had to spray pesticides as well as limit phosphate fertilizers, but the rice plants still grew well,” said Mr. Hoang Duc Phuong.

“Through the fact that farmers hardly have to use pesticides in the 2022 crop, it can be confirmed that the new generation Thien uu 8 rice variety has very good resistance to pests and diseases. Without using pesticides, the quality of rice will be very safe,” affirmed Mr. Nguyen Huu Look, a resident of Quang Cau commune, Ung Hoa district (Hanoi).

Source: https://nongnghiep.vn/trong-lua-thien-uu-8-the-he-moi-nong-dan-khoi-lo-phun-thuoc-bvtv-d333736.html

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